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Updated: May 3


BEE HAPPY AT REBEL MARKET RE/SOURCE with Artist Cynthia Cyntilante


The saying goes “as within so without”, part of a mantra that points to our ability to exist in wholeness and in the absence of it.

But what happens when the collective begins to lean into what we are lacking personally, emotionally, individually without reflecting on how that ripples out into the greater picture?

The Mother Wound pervades deeply for many but isn’t something that is widely talked about. Many of us grew up around tumultuous or even absent parents. Parents in the midst of their own re-parenting. Parents attempting to fit into societal ideals they weren’t made for. Love and support was traded for emotional triggers and painful memories. Some of us have experienced the death of their mothers at a young age or later in life often with unsaid last words. Many still, even within healthy dynamics, have had to watch their mothers face hardship, misogyny, inequity, or even abuse. 


Can we zoom out and look at a bigger truth; that our relationship with the feminine, the mother mirrors its divinity in the world around us?

It speaks greatly that what many deeply long for through the collective ; compassion, acceptance, abundance, love, is what is echoed in the archetype of the Divine Mother. She is the ultimate loving touch, the womb of creation, the peacemaker, space-holder, powerful protector and steward of life. She is many things and has many faces but most of all, is reflected in the world around us. Constantly mirrored back through nature. Through our dynamics with each other, through our relationship to creation of all forms. 

It also speaks volumes to the current state of modern society, that many are willing to desecrate, exploit and destroy the land and ecosystems that we call home; the living womb which the Earth exists within. That women and mothers all over the world are not held in a position of value. This is a direct reflection of the blatant disregard for creation, for the womb, for the mother and our relationship to it. For the sovereignty and power that she holds. Because she is the divine counterpart to The Masculine. And one cannot exist in wholeness without the other. 

And perhaps it is that very thing, her power, that has caused such disempowerment at the hands of those who fear the strength of the feminine. Its rejection a refusal to acknowledge the worthiness of softness, of nurturing as having a claim to a seat at the table. 

Even “Mother’s Day” has strayed far from its roots in ancient tradition as well as its origin of the holiday as we now know it. Founded by Philadelphia native Anna Jarvis as a day of remembrance for the sacrifice and activism of her own mother, Mother’s Day for many has been reduced to a misguided bouquet of flowers and well wishes out of obligation instead of reverence.

What would it really mean to honor these courageous beings? To appreciate their devotion to the ceremony of life? Aside from all the feelings that our personal relationship to mothers might bring up, can we dedicate ourselves to being receptive to the lessons and connection we collectively share here?

PHOTO BY JASON SCALLIN @11elevenphotography

Perhaps we would do well to begin seeking this divinity in what we already hold close, what we are in constant contact with, instead of seeking reassurance that it is there- somewhere else in the world. To know that it is “within” as well as without. Reassured that we walk hand in hand with The Mother each day.

We would love to create a conversation within our community about how we can hold space for, be in service to and honor this precious essence. Your experiences, observations and personal truths are all valuable in this discussion. Please share, reach out directly or comment below to continue the conversation.

Written by Mallory Kolb @Scribe.Muse for more musings sign up at

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